About Thomas

Hi I am Thomas Watkins, founder of 3Leaf.

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When you create something, a product or service, you are putting something else out there in the world. In order to be succsssful, you will want to think about how that product or service will interact with people, and that is where 3leaf comes in.

I created this design collective to better serve the creation of products and services that connect people together. Usability is a simple idea that often gets left out, and results in large costs to both the client(in money) and the user(in time and frustration).

"I want the world to be an easier place for people to live in" --Thomas Watkins

Thomas Watkins is a thought leader, speaker and industry practitioner located in Houston TX.  He is a life-long learner who has a passion for bringing greater clarity to the world.  Thomas has made it his career’s focus to combine technology with design psychology in order to drive business success. He specializes in helping his business partners bring their own brilliant ideas to life, by translating complexity into simplicity.  The scope of his work has included interface design for mobile, SaaS system architecture, usability research, and data visualization.