3Leaf Projects

Example Project: 'Tracts' Software Re-Design

Tracts on devices.png

Our team at 3Leaf had the pleasure of working with a very impressive local startup here in Houston called Tracts.  They have a talented team, a great idea, a working product and a growing customer base.  The leadership at Tracts was prudent enough to understand that having a strong user experience in their digital products was necessary for maintaining a competitive advantage.

The initial software was built to accomplish some very practical and straight-forward use cases.  As the user base expanded to include additional job roles, so grew the need to reconsider the structure of the software.  We started with personas.  By properly crafting an appropriate cast of personas, we were able to design the software in such a way that every type of user would be able to accomplish their tasks in a way that meets their own specific needs.

We carefully restructured the screen flows and architecture such that the product could easily grow in the right direction.  This meant that the 3Leaf team had to acquire a strong understanding about the intended direction of the product.  This restructuring was based upon a greater clarity around the mental models of each intended user.  In other words: the software presents information in the same way its users think about the information.  The guiding mental models were based on the insights we gained while working on the project.

Finally, we provided our client with everything they needed in order to enhance their product according to our designs.  Development teams require very specific guidance on many levels (information architecture, visual design patterns, etc.).  This collaboration with Tracts resulted in critical enhancements to their already successful software.  Sometimes taking your product to the next level requires bold reconsiderations of your existing product, and reimagining the way you present your solution to the your users.

The contributors on this project were Jane Xiao (UX Designer), Olivia Moten (Visual Designer) and myself (Principal).